Saturdays with Silvia: Embracing Change with Tonight’s Full Moon


Since joining Haute Yoga Queen Anne two years ago, I’ve made a routine of joining Silvia Mordini (nearly) every Saturday morning. You show up for your workout, and you leave with an hour of therapy, a strong core and burning quads.

Today’s theme was all about embracing change. With the full moon approaching tonight, Silvia reminded us that our bodies are 75-80 percent water, and if the moon can change the tide, it stands to reason it can change us. I started to think about the changes I want to create in my life. As Silvia said, change is never easy, and it’s almost guaranteed to be messy — but it’s essential on our path to happiness.

The greatest change I’m tackling head on is graduate school (University of Washington’s MCDM program), and boy is this a messy change. There is no guaranteed outcome (other than of course cognitive benefit), and yet, I continue to work full time, scale back on my social life and devote weekends to homework. My family thinks I’m crazy (“haven’t you had enough school yet?”). Nope.

Even this very week I was feeling overwhelmed about my loans from undergrad and this scary feeling that I’m slowly losing balance in my life, which made me wonder — is this a gamble I should be taking (that I can afford to take)? These thoughts are just a manifestation of a resistance to change. It’s time to go with the flow, if you will.

Is there a change taking place in your life that you may be fighting?

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  1. Nice post and lovely image, Chelsea. I’m with you on the challenge of working in a demanding full-time job and going to school. But I think that we find a way to make room for change in our lives when change is truly needed, and if we don’t, sometimes the change that we need has a way of finding us anyway.

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