Finding Your Path: Vision Boards


A vision board has nothing to do with fortune telling and everything to do with taking control over what you want for yourself. Think of it as Pinterest, but involving actual pins and cork boards. We’ve all had those moments in our lives where we stop and think, “What am I doing here, and where do I want to go?” Well, a vision board helps you figure out just that. Sure, you can journal these thoughts too, but once that journal is closed and tucked away, what’s there to remind you of where you’re headed?

A vision board helps you visually project your goals onto a physical board so that you are constantly reminded of where you’re headed and what you want. Hey, if vision boards make it in Oprah magazine, it must work, right?

I know you’re probably thinking, “I have so many different things I want to do — where do I even begin?” Unlike Pinterest, your vision board does not have to be thematically cohesive. Say you want to travel to Spain, but you also have a lofty career goal — go ahead, put both of these images up there.

Supplies needed:

  • Scissors
  • Old magazines
  • Cork board
  • Push pins

Once your vision board is complete (for now), the next step is figuring out where to put it. You want to have it on display somewhere where you’re going to see it everyday. So, that could be on your bedroom door to remind you as you’re on your way out for the day, by your closet as you’re getting ready in the morning or near your computer desk at home.

I’m just getting started with mine, but the first image I have is yoga smack in the center. No matter where I’m headed, I want to remember to take care of myself mentally and physically. What’s going on your board?

The start of my vision board

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