Detox to Retox: Hungover Yoga and the Goddess Durga


This morning I went to yoga hungover. There, I said it. Last night we had a friend come in from Portland and decided to hit the town — something we rarely do in our perpetually busy and scheduled lives (hangovers really put a damper on productivity).

But somehow, I managed to set an 8:30 a.m. alarm last night, hit snooze twice this morning, roll out of bed and at least get myself into the studio. As I sat on my mat with my mind spinning, I kept thinking to myself “why, why why?!?” Then our instructor Puja initiated the start of class asking us what we’d like to work on today, and someone blurted “twists, please.” Thank. Goodness!

Twists are known to be rejuvenating to the body by pushing out blood filled with metabolic by-products and toxins. I thought to myself, “Perfect, I have plenty of margarita toxins to expel.” 

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t able to pay that much attention to today’s theme, as much of my mind and willpower was strategically channeled to keep me balanced on one foot, but I do know that Puja was discussing the yoga goddess Durga, a.k.a the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation.

I’ve never been one to attend church or worship deities, but I have to admit that Durga is pretty B.A. First of all, she has 8 arms and rides a tiger. Secondly, she spends her days destroying evil and protecting mankind from negative forces and wickedness. Lastly, she wields a variety of weapons because different circumstances of evil and wickedness require different tools to get rid of them.

While my battle today is simply fighting off the wickedness of last night’s tequila, I can identify with Durga on a day-to-day basis. She’s a strong woman who is looking out for her people and helping them shed the bad habits that hold them back so they can move forward. I like to think that I had a little Durga in me as a fierce young lady growing up with her dad and brother, trying to make sure brother did his homework and stayed on the right track, and dad fulfilled his fatherly obligations.

Put simply, Durga is the sh**.



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  1. If I want to go back to sleep on a Saturday AM after a few too many, I think of my workout as punishment!!! And then, I feel much better afterwards and can proceed with my day as usual. It’s just that initial motivation and *not* giving in to the snooze and the covers! 🙂

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