Post-Yoga Nutrition


The other day I experienced the all too common “yoga hangover” — that feeling when you wake up the next morning after your workout, and each limb feels like a deadweight and your head aches. The yoga hangover is particularly common when practicing hot yoga since you lose so much water during the practice.

This got me thinking about the importance of post-yoga nutrition. Obviously, water is a must, which is an area where I completely failed the other night. But other than replenishing your body’s fluids with water, what’s good for you after a yoga sweat session?

I did some quick research and found this article in the Washington Post consulting yoga guru Shiva Rea on general yoga nutrition, and the basic takeaways are to: keep it simple, choose healthy fats (found in nuts and avocados) and weave in fruits, vegetables and fish throughout.

Core Power Yoga emphasizes the importance of fueling your body after a workout to maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism up. Suggested foods include fibrous carbohydrates and proteins like wild rice, yogurt, steamed vegetables, etc.

When I get home from yoga in the evenings, I’m not usually hungry but my body is craving something. I reach for the applesauce or drink some juice.

In just two weeks, I’m taking a class on ayurvedic nutrition where I’ll get an overview of our six tastes and how to customize my eating based on my body’s specific needs. For now, I’m playing more of a guessing game.

What’s your post-yoga go to?


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